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Dayliff Sunverter3

The D&S Group's commitment to innovative Solar solutions has resulted in the recent introduction of several new Dayliff product ranges including Sunflo DC pumps and Suntower support structures. Now the Dayliff Sunverter, its market leading range of AC Solar Pump controllers, has also been updated and builds on the success of predecessor models.

Specifically designed for solar-powering AC motors in various water pumping applications, the new Sunverter3 model features upgraded electronics and functionality as well as hybrid technology that enables concurrent operation of AC power from mains or generator supply whilst prioritizing and maximizing solar supply.

The compact and weatherproof new unit is adaptable to all pump motors and can be retro fitted to existing AC supply installations in solarization projects. Integrated with the iDayliff control platform, the fully automated Sunverter3 also features patented MPPT technology offering up to 99% efficiency, 8 years of operational data storage and full motor protection with soft start capability. Available in sizes from 1.1kW to 22kW, the Dayliff unit is fully supported by the D&S group's suite of digital platforms including the D&S FLO app, and the SolarCalc sizing tool.

The most advanced Solar Pump Controller available in the market, Sunverter3 comes with the added benefit of being 20% more competitive in terms of price than previous models.