Water Treatment

Water treatment project in Uganda for a supply and installation of an RO plant

Davis & Shirtliff Uganda have supplied and installed a Water treatment plant for Hima Cement C/O the Contractor Optimum Earth. The plant that utilizes Reverse Osmosis technology which purifies over 8,000 litres of Water per hour.

The Reverse Osmosis is technology used to remove any contaminant that come in the form of molecules. The system works by eliminating molecular compounds of sizes smaller than water. Our experts ensure that all contaminants are filtered from water to make it clean and free of compounds. Compared to tap water that is unfiltered, reverse osmosis water has fewer compounds. Even with piped water, chances are that you are drinking contaminated water such as lead. Lead is a leading contaminant, especially where plumbing is old and dilapidated. RO removes lead from water and frees people from many diseases. The staff at Hima cement can now enjoy clean. At D&S, we Know H₂Ow through experience.