ERP Upgraded and Tatu City Warehouse is Completed

Construction of the Tatu City warehouse is completed and the ERP is upgraded to a new version that will allows Davis & Shirtliff greater efficiency in distribution and delivery. D&S Westlands and D&S Nairobi Downtown are both relocated to more impressive showrooms

Tatu City Construction

Construction of the Tatu City warehouse project officially begins. D&S Zimbabwe is established and begins operations and the Dayliff app is launched.

Muranga, Kitale, Nyeri, Chipata branches opened

Muranga, Kitale, Nyeri and Chipata branches are opened to bring the total number of branches in Kenya to 38 and 7 in Zambia.
D&S Uganda Head Office also moved to JR Complex at the Corner of Jinja Road and 3rd Street, Industrial area.

Dodoma, Utawala, Embu and Eastleigh branches are opened

Dodoma (House No 23 Plot 5 Block K Mtendeni Street/Tabora Avenue, Tanzania), Utawala Branch (Mustard Seed Plaza, Opposite Family Bank Utawala), Embu (Nairobi/Meru Highway. Opposite Kobil Petrol Station) and Eastleigh (Sharja Plaza, First Avenue next to Mother & Child Hospital Nairobi) branches are opened.
DRC Subsidiary becomes operational with Edward Mwakio appointed as Manager with the first branch established in Lubumbashi.

7 more branches opened in the region

Ongata Rongai, Mombasa downtown, Kitui and Narok (all in Kenya) Jinja(Uganda), Chachacha Lusaka(Zambia) are opened.
Davis & Shirtliff celebrates its 70th anniversary that also marks 40 years of service for the CEO Alec Davis
CEO Alec Davis retires and assumes position of Group Chairman. David Gatende is appointed group CEO with Dr. MAS Waweru being appointed group COO.
Davis & Shirtliff launch the improved and revised eShop.

4 more branches are opened

Nanyuki, Kiambu, Lodwar and Kitengela are opened in Kenya further increasing Davis & Shirtliff's footprint in the region.
The innovative remote monitoring and control solution for water pumps, iDayliff, is officially launched.

Voi, Machakos and Naivasha branches are opened

Davis & Shirtliff Kenya opened branches in Voi, Machakos and Naivasha.
Purchase Athi River Ware house. Davis & Shirtliff purchases athi river ware house

Karen, Meru and Garissa branches are opened

Renovated and expanded Davis & Shirtliff Kampala.
Davis & Shirtliff Kenya opened branches in Karen, Meru and Garissa.
Developed the first containerised water treatment truck for the Rwanda army.
Davis & Shirtliff Kenya opens Meru branch

Mbarara and Nyali branches are opened

Completed Beta development project, expanded the supply division and formally opened by Grundfos chairman Neils Du Jensen.
Opened Davis & Shirtliff Mbarara branch in Uganda.
Opened Davis & Shirtliff Nyali branch in Mombasa.
Davis & Shirtliff Completed Beta development project, distribution centre

Lusaka premises are redeveloped and Kisii and Livingstone branches opened

Redeveloped Davis & Shirtliff Lusaka premises.
Opened Davis & Shirtliff Kisii branch.
Davis & Shirtliff Zambia opened Livingstone branch Redeveloped Davis & Shirtliff Lusaka premises

Downtown, Gulu and Lamu branches are open

Purchased Beta property Opened Davis & Shirtliff Downtown, Davis & Shirtliff Gulu and Davis & Shirtliff Lamu branches Davis & Shirtliff purchases Beta property

Carlo Prola, Executive director of Grundfos opens the redeveloped Dundori rd premises

Completed Dundori Rd. redevelopment project and formally opened by Carlo Prola, Executive Director Grundfos.
Opened D&S Ndola, Davis & Shirtliff Thika and Davis & Shirtliff Nakasero branches.
Introduced Dayliff pump range. Completed Davis & Shirtliff Dundori Rd. redevelopment project and formally opened by Carlo Prola, Executive Director Grundfos

Ethiopia subsidiary is opened in Addis Ababa

Davis & Shirtliff Ethiopia subsidiary is opened in Addis Ababa.
Davis & Shirtliff Tanzania opens a branch in Mwanza.
Davis & Shirtliff Mombasa opens a branch in Diani. Davis & Shirtliff Ethiopia subsidiary is opened in Addis Ababa

General Electric franchising agreement is signed

Davis & Shirtliff Malindi branch opens.
Two additional plots leased at the Dundori Rd site and converted to a new production facility.
Purchase of CTL property.
Signing of General Electric franchising agreement.

Davis and Shirtliff celebrates 60th anniversary

Davis & Shirtliff Tanzania opens a branch in Zanzibar.
Davis & Shirtliff celebrates its 60th Anniversary.
Davis & Shirtliff Zambia opens a branch in Kitwe. Davis & Shirtliff Tanzania opens a branch in Zanzibar

Arusha and nakuru branches are open

The Poolshop converted to a full Davis & Shirliff branch. Davis & Shirtliff opens branch in Nakuru.
Appointed Lister Petter engine/generator distributor.
Davis & Shirtliff Arusha branch opens.
Dundori Road site redevelopment project starts.

A subsidiary is opened in Kigali, Rwanda

Davis & Shirtliff opens a subsidiary in Kigali, Rwanda.
ISO 9001 certification obtained.
Appointed Certikin distributor.

Solar division is formed

Davis & Shirtliff Solar division is formed with the appointment of the company as a regional distributor for Shell Solar (now SolarWorld).
The Poolshop moves to Centro House in the centre of Westlands and is relaunched as an outlet for swimwear and summerwear.

First Davis & Shirtliff website is launched

Non-executive directors Stuart Eastwood and Mike Eldon appointed.
D&S first website was launched.

David Gatende is appointed Managing director

David Gatende is appointed the fourth Managing Director of Davis & Shirtliff Ltd.
Davis & Shirtliff is appointed regional distributor for Pedrollo Pumps from Italy.
Davis & Shirtliff opens a subsidiary in Lusaka, Zambia.
Last D&S swimming pool was built.

Mombasa branch is opened

Davis & Shirtliff Mombasa branch is established after a buyout of Butech Ltd follwing the death of founder Najmu Ramji.

A subsidiary is opened in Dar-es-salaam, Tanzania

Davis & Shirtliff opens a subsidiary in Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania.
Davis & Shirtliff Kisumu branch opens.

A subsidiary is opened in Kampala, Uganda

Davis & Shirtliff opens a subsidiary in Kampala, Uganda.

Eldoret branch is opened

The Pump Centre concept is introduced through the appointment of a countrywide chain of dealers.
Davis & Shirtliff opens a branch in Eldoret.

1st Branch in Westlands established

Davis & Shirtliff's first branch, the Poolshop, is established in Westlands.
Davis & Shirtliff acquires a 5th plot on Dundori Road and begins a complete premises renovation.

1st Linz pumps imported from Pedrollo

The first Linz pumps are imported from Pedrollo SpA.

Davis and shirtliff acquires 20% of Butech Ltd

20% shareholding purchased in Butech Ltd

Devji Shingadia retires

Director Devji Shingadia retires selling his shareholding to Alec Davis.

Fibreglass filter production starts

Butech Ltd appointed as Mombasa distributor and Fibreglass filter production starts.

Grundfos solar pumps are introduced in Kenya

Founder Eddie Davis passes away at the age of 79 and is replaced as Director by his son Alec Davis who had been working with the company since 1976.
Grundfos solar pumps are introduced to Kenya.

2 more plots acquired

Davis & Shirtliff acquires two extra plots adjacent to its existing premises on Dundori Road.

Dick Shirtliff retires

Dick Shirtliff retires and sells his shareholding to Devji Shingadia who had been with the firm since 1952.
He becomes a joint director with Eddie Davis.

1st Davey pump

The first Davey pump consignment is imported from Australia.

Grundfos relationship established

The Grundfos relationship is established with importation of the first consignment of pumps from Denmark.

Nakuru branch closed

Davis & Shirtliff Nakuru branch closes.

Move to Dundori Rd

The company buys two plots on Doncaster (now Dundori) Rd and after constructing new offices and workshops moves its operations to the new site.
Davis & Shirtliff Nakuru branch opens.


Davis & Shirtliff becomes one of the founder members of KABCEC (Kenya Association of Building and Civil Engineering Contractors).

Davis & Shirtliff founded

Davis & Shirtliff Ltd is founded as a partnership between EC ‘Eddie’ Davis and FR ‘Dick’ Shirtliff after Dick Shirtliff purchases 50% of the equity of RH Paige & Co, a company owned by Eddie (Eddie had himself previously purchased into RH Paige & Co in 1945 soon after buying out its owner. RH Paige & Co was a small plumbing and water-engineering firm founded in 1926). The company is located in Westlands and concentrates on the design and installation of water supplies and maintenance of water related equipment.