HACH Water Testing Equipment

Hach is the world-leading supplier of water testing equipment, accessories and reagents that are designed to make water analysis accurate, efficient and easy to conduct. From the lab, to the field and factory, Hach equipment and reagents provide total confidence in measurement of the many water analysis parameters for various applications such as drinking, process water and discharge of effluent into the environment.

Hach offers an enormous range of products suitable for every testing, analysis and monitoring application imaginable all supported by local specialists as well as direct access to the Hach Service network for more specific advice. A limited range of the more commonly demanded products are detailed, though specifications of equipment for more specialized applications are available on request.

Lab Instruments

Equipment Description
Spectrophotometers DR6000 - Benchtop spectrophotometer with the capability to scan across UV/vis spectrum at 190 - 1100 nm suitable for lab operations.
DR3900 - Benchtop visible spectrum, split beam spectrophotometer suitable for lab operations. Wavelength range: 320 - 1100 nm
DR1900 – Portable and field-suitable spectrophotometer. Wavelength range: 340 - 800 nm.
All Spectrophotometers are equipped with up to 220 in-built programs for testing a variety of parameters and are equipped with USB ports for data transfer. Mostly used in Drinking and Industrial water, Power and Beverages sectors
Colorimeters DR900 - Portable field-durable colorimeter able to perform up to 90 tests
DR300 - Portable Pocket Colorimeter able to perform upto 20 tests.
Both have USB ports for data transfer to a PC or laptop after a day in the field.
Turbidity Meters TU52 - For drinking water and other clean water applications. Range: 0 – 700NTU
TL23 – For high turbidity range applications up to 10,000NTU such as wastewater applications
2100Q - Portable turbidity meters testing a range of 0 – 1,000NTU.
All meters are equipped with the latest 360° x 90° Detection Technology, resulting in the most sensitive and accurate readings possible.
Manual Titrator High resolution (125µL/digit) and high accuracy (±1%) titration equipment. Applicable in titration for more than 40 parameters with interchangeable cartridges.
Automatic Titrators Titralab 1000 Series - Used with different application packages and designed to test unique parameters to ensure accurate and reproducible measurements at a glance.
AT1000 Series – Consists of the application package and the Titrator which make it quick and easy to use in the lab. Used in high capacity testing laboratories

On-Site Analyzers

Equipment Description
Amtax SC Ammonium Analyser Designed for high precision determination of ammonium concentration directly in the tank with a wide range
for a variety of wastewater application.
EZ Series Analysers Designed to cover a unique range of parameters on a single analyzer platform. Five measurement technologies (colorimetry, titration, ion-selective electrode, voltammetry, and chemiluminescence) allow for a wide selection of measuring ranges and applications. Used in measuring innovative parameters such as ATP, Toxicity, VFA/TAC, Trace Metals, along with Organics, Inorganics, and Nutrients in drinking water, wastewater or industrial applications.
Chlorine Analyzers Continuously monitors water for free and/or total chlorine
SP510 Hardness Monitor For online turbidity measurement with precision and reliability
Turbidity Analyzers Continuously monitors water systems for total hardness against pre-set limits

Portable Field Instruments

Equipment Description
HQD Meters / Intellical Probes Handheld multimeters using interchangeable smart Intellical probes featuring automatic parameter recognition in the laboratory and field applications. Wide variety of probes available for measuring pH, Dissolved Oxygen (DO), Conductivity, Total Dissolved Solids (TDS), Ammonia, Ammonium, Fluoride, Nitrate, Sodium, BOD, and RedOx (ORP).
Pocket Testers Portable, convenient solutions for pH, ORP, conductivity, TDS, salinity, and temperature, delivering accurate results
Dissolved Oxygen (DO) Meter Measures Dissolved Oxygen (DO) to determine water quality in a variety of applications including wastewater, aquariums, and fish hatcheries. Simultaneously displays DO and temperature readings

Laboratories and Test Kits

Equipment Description
DREL Complete Water Quality Laboratory Includes DR1900, Digital Titrator, reagents and apparatus for approximately 50-100 tests on 24 different parameters. Extra storage space available for additional optional equipment - HQ40d, 2100Q, pH and conductivity probes both with1-meter cables for more complete analysis.
CEL Advanced Portable and Drinking Water Laboratory Versatile portable laboratory with complete field capabilities and ability to test all major drinking water parameters. Includes DR 900, HQ40d, pH and conductivity probes both with 1-meter cables, Digital Titrator, illustrated instrument manual, procedure manual CD, reagent sets, and all required apparatus in a rugged carrying case
Application Test Kits Application-specific single or multi-parameter range of testing kits categorized either by type of application or measured parameter sets. Each kit includes reagents, apparatus, and instructions - all in a rugged carrying case
Application Type: Soil and Irrigation, Aquaculture, Nitrification control, Stormwater, Surface water and Wastewater treatment plants, Professional Boiler and Cooling tests
Single/Parameter-sets: (Hardness, Iron & pH); (Iron, Manganese & pH); (Free & Total Chlorine, Hardness, Iron & pH); Fluoride, Silica, Dissolved Oxygen, Copper, Chlorides, Sulfites, Alkalinity, etc., among other single or combinations of parameters.
Microbiological Environmental Laboratory (MEL) Sterile equipment for microbiological testing. Includes sample collection apparatus, membrane filters, portable batterypowered incubator and a wide choice of media, up to 30 options. Applicable in testing Most Probable Number (MPN), presence-absence of Total Coliform and E. coli, and up to 8 key physio-chemical water quality parameters for drinking water tests.
Test Strips High-quality accurate, portable, low-cost and easy-to-use test strips. Simply dip the strip in sample and read by comparing with colors printed on the bottle. Applicable in drinking water, wastewater, pool and spa, industrial process water, etc. Available as single parameter test strips for chlorine, nitrate, nitrite, hardness, alkalinity, chloride, ammonia, etc. or multiparameter 5-in-1 test strips, which measures free & total chlorine, hardness, alkalinity and pH.