Variable speed pump control is now a well established technology with many benefits including ;

  • Reduced energy consumption as pump output is always matched to suit demand. Up to 50% savings are possible
  • Soft start and stop that prevents water hammer and system pressure surges
  • Reduced pump loads and extended pump and motor life

Grundfos has been a pioneer in the technology for over 25years and the Grundfos CUE controller incorporates all the benefits from this unmatched experience. A particular feature of the controllers is that they can be applied to all pump types, an extensive range being available for all motor size from 1.5 to 250kW. Many configuration options are available to suit the particular application requirements and a number of control parameters can be selected. The units are also highly versatile and can be set up to regulate various operating modes including constant pressure, constant differential pressure, proportional differential pressure, constant flow and constant level. Other features include an instructive start up guide, a smart user interface and selectable alarm/warning parameters. The option of remote monitoring can also be provided.

The CUE range is very wide and offers various options depending upon motor size and enclosure specification, the key sizing parameters being maximum motor current. Performance, reliability and convenience are unmatched, the CUE solution offering plug and pump installation and operation with extensive control and monitoring possibilities. It is the perfect solution for controlling efficient and effective pumping installations.


CUE (kW) Max. Current (A) Dimesnsions (mm) Weight (kg)
2.2 5.6 205 90 268 4.9
4 8.8 205 90 268 4.9
5.5 11.9 205 130 268 6.6
7.5 15.4 205 130 268 6.6
11 23 248 165 399 12
15 31 248 165 399 12
22 45 242 231 518 21
30 59 242 231 518 23.5

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