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Davis & Shirtliff Group CEO George Mbugua featured on the monthly daily on top 25 most influential CEO's

Founded 76 years ago in Westlands, Nairobi, Davis & Shirtliff is the leading supplier of water and energy-related equipment in the Eastern African region, with a footprint in 12 countries. Davis & Shirtliff is particularly focused on increasing its presence and impact in the green solar energy business, where it is already a market leader. The firm’s operations include supply of equipment and solutions for surface and borehole water pumping, water treatment, swimming pools, solar power and heating, irrigation, as well as industrial chemicals and building management systems. Davis & Shirtliff distributes numerous water and energy products under its own brand, Dayliff, in addition to stocking other international brands of equipment.

With George as the Group CEO, working under Chairman Alec Davis, Davis & Shirtliff is very active in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). One such example is the donation and installation of a Dayliff 5.5 kilowatts pumping system which produces over 40,000 litres of clean water daily for Kyatune Special School in Kitui County.

The school had previously been relying on a communal dam for their drinking water. The installation, which was completed in August 2022, not only provides clean potable water for the community, but fed by 36 solar panels of 275 watts, it runs at zero cost to the beneficiaries. This makes it sustainable, as it fulfils its purpose of improving people’s lives by providing water and energy.

Mbugua boasts over 30 years of experience in the accounting profession, having worked in external audit, internal audit and over 25 years as Chief Finance Officer (CFO) at Davis & Shirtliff, where his responsibilities also covered the ICT function.

Under his leadership as CFO, a world class finance and information management system was developed, contributing significantly to the organisation’s growth into a decentralised operation spread over the Eastern Africa region and beyond. In the same position of CFO, he oversaw the activities of the Board’s Audit, Risk and Compliance committee. The increasing array of activities involved in audit, risk and compliance have become more and more central to the wellbeing of any organisation, Davis & Shirtliff included.

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