Grundfos UPA

The Grundfos UPA mini circulator pumps are designed for pressure boosting of domestic potable and hot water supplies with particular applications for showers, taps, and water feeds to appliances. Pumps incorporate a flow switch for automatic on-demand operation. They are for use in open systems and the option of manual or auto operation can be selected.

Pump construction is stainless steel encapsulated rotor, the rotor can and bearing plate, polycarbonate impeller, and cast iron pump housing. Pumps are supplied with a female threaded BSP union connection set.

UPA 15-90 & 120: Pumps are fitted with an integral 2-pole asynchronous squirrel-cage motor, that includes a built-in thermal switch that monitors winding temperature and cuts off the power supply in the event of overload. No remote overload protection is required, though the pump must be connected to a suitably rated MCB or fuse.
UPA 15-160: Pumps are fitted with asynchronous 4-pole electronically commutated motor with permanent magnet rotor that is energy efficient with proven quality. Pumps must be connected to a suitably rated MCB or fuse

Power Supply:1x240V
Enclosure Class:IP42-UPA15-90,120, IPX2D-UPA15-160
Insulation Class: H-UPA15-90, F-UPA120/15-160

Pumped liquid: Thin, clean, chemically non-aggressive liquids without solids, fibers or mineral oils.
Fluid Temperature Range:+2°C to +95°C.
Max. Ambient Temperature: 40°C
Max. Operating Pressure: 10 Bar
Min. Inlet Pressure: 0.2Bar
Max. Relative Humidity: 95%
Installation: Pumps must be installed with the pump shaft horizontal.

Model Motor Weight (kg)
Power P1 (W) Max. Current (A)
UPA 15-90 120 0.48 2.5
UPA15-160 180 1.41 2.4
UPA 120 250 1.14 5


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