Smartcon 2

Dayliff SmartCon 2 is a high specification multifunction electronic twin-pump controller designed for a wide variety of operating conditions in borehole, wastewater, booster and general water supply applications. Controllers are fitted with a digital display that indicates both operating and fault parameters and can be programmed using panel buttons for various functions. They are available for single phase up to 2.2kW and three phase up to 11kW motors, configuration to a particular motor size being effected by adjustments to the maximum running current. Particular features include:-

  • Inbuilt incoming mains supply MCB switch and individual contractors for each pump.
  • Multifunction LCD display indicating pump operating status, voltage, current, fault indicators and hours run.
  • An Inbuilt protection for motor current overload, phase loss, voltage imbalance, over/under voltage, phase reversal and pump short cycling.
  • In built dry run protection or level sensor connections for electrodes, float switch or pressure switch.
  • Pump start/stop time delay function and multiple system configuration options for duty/standby, alternate duty cycling and parallel operation with auto trip changeover operating cycles.
  • Pump start and stop options determined by different level and pressure settings.
  • Digital connectivity interface for BMS application (Modplus RS485 communication port)

Dayliff SmartCon 2 is a comprehensive control solution for all pumping requirements in both submersible and surface applications providing exceptional levels of functionality and protection in one compact enclosure. They are the ideal solution for all twin pump installations

Enclosure Class:IP54
Temperature Range: -25° - +55°C
Relative Humidity: 20% - 90%
Power Supply: 240V ±15% 1Ph, 415V ±15% 3Ph

Model Motor Size, kW Current Range, A Dimensions,mm Weight (Kg)
Min Max Height Width Depth
SmartCon 2 1Ph/2.2kW 0.37 2.2 2-24 302 240 120 3
SmartCon 2 3Ph/4kW 0.75 4
SmartCon 2 3Ph/11kW 5.5 11