DAYLIFF BRO4 Reverse Osmosis water treatment plants are simplified specification versions of the well-established Dayliff DRO range specifically designed for the removal of lighter concentrations of dissolved salts at a lower cost. The heart of the system remains efficient low energy Dayliff membranes though control and component specifications are adapted for less arduous operating conditions with the plants being thoroughly engineered to provide reliability with the highest treated water standards. They offer the following features:-

  • High-efficiency low energy brackish water membranes housed in strong corrosion-resistant GRP pressure vessels
  • Pre-filtration through sediment and carbon cartridge filters
  • High-efficiency Dayliff Feed and Cleaning pump
  • Pump controller providing automatic operation with overload, over/under voltage, and dry running protection
  • Corrosion proof TPE-U high-pressure piping
  • System monitoring instruments including flow meter and pressure gauges
  • Semi-automated plant operation including RO feed water flushing cycle and CIP facility
  • Compact skid-mounted design for simple installation and transportation

All DAYLIFF RO plants are highly efficient, easy to operate, and simple to maintain, and offer the ideal solution for small and medium scale reverse osmosis requirements.

Solar power option is available on request.


Raw Water Quality
TDS level of up to 500ppm, Chlorine level <50ppm, Turbidity <1NTU, Iron <0.1ppm, No free chlorine
Normal Rejection: 95%-98%
Water Temperature: 5-35°C, Design Temperature 25°C
Working Pressure: 3- 6bar
Recovery Range: 30-60% depending on raw water quality, System recovery is entirely dependent on water quality; higher TDS or silt content will reduce the maximum possible recovery and flow rates
Treated Water Quality: TDS level of below 100ppm


  BRO4/0.25 BRO4/0.5 BRO4/1
Flow Rates (m³/hr) Permeate 0.25 0.5 1
Pre-treatment Feed 0.5 1.0 2.0
Membrane   Type 4" Low Energy Membrane   
Modules  2  
Staging 1-1  1-1-1-1 
Pump   Type PKm65 PKm80 PKm100 
 kW 0.5 0.75 1.1
Dimensions(LXWXH)mm      1500x650x850 
Weight, Kg 55 60 65